Welcome to Buffalo Trace Society

The Buffalo Trace Society (BTS) consists of a group of individuals who are dedicated to making the world in which we live a better place. Accomplished by studying the “Old” ways and keeping the teachings alive by practice and passing them on. We are an eclectic group that is heavily influenced by an “Earth” based philosophy and spirituality.

BTS was initially activated in 1992 with the first apprentices in the Pacific Northwest. An opportunity to deeply associate with the Native American traditions and energies (medicine) is the foundation of BTS through a three year basic apprenticeship, public ceremonies and individual empowerment activities.

BTS currently holds the ancient and powerful traditions and community connections for these honored and traditional activities to remain. In such a dynamic and effective way these sacred activities and teaching maintain part of our universal connections to Earth Mother and Spirit even today. Indeed, we seek to be the community and the foundation of what we know to be so essential and beneficial to all the people (individuals, therefore community, therefore nation) for healing and optimum Spiritual and physical wellness.

We see this practice as an essential element with traditional lifestyles to place our focus in life not simply in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual survival but rather to strive and succeed in achievable mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

Our lives, our relationship to all that lives with us, our decisions and resulting consequences determine how we honor the life gifted to us from our ancestors; and create what we will gift to our descendants.

We understand that humankind is unique in that we are the descendants of our ancestors and the ancestors of our descendants. We deeply hold the responsibility that we are indeed a bridge and connection between all that was and all that may (or may not) be.